Kombucha Glass Bottle Filler


Ideal for microbrewery and kombucha pubs. It allows you to fill carbonated beverages especially beer, sparkling cider wine, and kombucha without loss of pressure.

  • Minimal CO2 or beverage losses (1-2%)
  • Fast and no-foam bottles filling (no more unequal bottle levels)
  • Low-cost professional bottle filler
  • Produced from high-quality food-grade Plastic
  • Has no disposable removable parts
  • Easy and convenient use
  • Can be attached to your beer lines and corny kegs. So no adaptors or investment in setup needed
  • Easy to clean and light weight

Please note it is on Back order and will be Disptached in Feb 1st week only.

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Because of COVID, packaged drink sales at microbrewery and cafe is now 80% of the total sales. This easy to operate bottle filler has a cam lock. Just attach your bottle and pack the freshly brewed drink in front of the customer. No loss in drink due to foaming or CO2 loss. It stays as fresh as a fresh-pour in your cafe.

Technical Specs

Ever wanted to bottle a big batch of your brew without wastage due to foam or CO2 loss. Well, this is exactly what you need. It comes in two variants:

  1. Crown cap for 26mm Glass Beer bottles with a crimp crown cap.
  2. PET Bottle compatible with your soda bottles with screw cap (PCO 1881 neck)

glass bottle filler pressurized technical specs

Saves you a ton of costs that one would need in an automatic bottling line. Ideal for 60-80 bottles (pint-sized) per hour filling.



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