Party Pump Kit (Picnic Portable Keg Tap)

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An easy way to dispense a commercial beer keg when you are away from electricity or don’t have a CO2 cylinder. Just put the keg in a bucket of ice and pump the beer out at your own leisure. This reliable and simple setup is easy to use and requires no power, no gas cylinder and no regulator.  It’s really the easiest way to dispense a keg at a party.

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Want to serve a draught beer in your party, but you don’t have the required CO2 cylinders and pumps to do so. Well, this party pump will come to your rescue. It allows you to pump air to maintain the ideal serving pressure till the last pint. Do remember to consume the kegged draught beer within 24 hours and keep it chilled to prevent oxidation.

– Easy to use
– No gas cylinder required
– No electricity required
– Easy to clean and use Plastic tap and beer line

Note: Does not include keg coupler. Compatible with both A and  D type keg coupler. Needs a bit of engineering to install a check valve to make it work with ball lock kegs.

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  1. Kusum Agarwal

    beer keg party cannot be possible without it. Best part is that one does not need to lug around expensive kegs.

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