Digital pH Meter | Pen Style high Precision
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Digital pH Meter | Pen Style high Precision



Now a solution to all your problems. A pH meter that solves all your problems

  • Waterproof body IP67 compliant
  • In-Built ATC so that readings are accurate even in Indian Summers.
  • No Messy Calibration screws. Just make the right calibration solution, press the button, and you are done. Supports Triple Point Calibration.

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Finally, a quality-made pH meter that ticks all the boxes and doesn’t break the bank.

Water Resistant Design 
We know what you brewers are like.  You are going to drop this into a pool of sanitizer the moment you purchase it.  As a result, we have made this unit water resistant and splashproof.

Digital Triple Point Calibration
Cheaper pH meters only have single or double point calibration.  For brewing, we often operate over a large range right down to 2.5 for testing sanitizer solution and high up for alkaline cleaners.  We also need the pH meter to be accurate in the mid-range for brewing.  As a result, we have got triple point calibration.  The calibration is completely digital and can be done in 60 seconds.  No calibration screws that you need to turn or anything like that.  Just put the pH meter into the buffer solution that comes included and then hit the calibration button.  It’s as simple as that.

Replaceable Electrode
Homebrewing puts a lot of stress on the electrodes.  Especially if you are testing hot wort directly from your mash tun.  If you know anything about pH meters you will know that the electrodes are not difficult to damage in a brewing environment and they have a tendency to fail over time.  Why spend all this money on a good quality pH meter if you can’t replace the electrode.  This pH meter has a replaceable electrode so you can just remove it and put on a new one if you damage it.

Includes Buffer Solution
This includes 3 packs of buffer solution.  Just add water and store it in a glass jam jar and the buffer solution will last almost forever. Keep refrigerated in a glass bottle when not in use.

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
Any good quality pH meter you get will include ATC.  This additional feature means the probe needs to have a small temp probe at the end so it can compensate for high or low temperatures.  Let’s face it, you are not going to wait for your wort sample to cool down to 20C are you.  That’s why this is absolutely necessary.

Water Proof Cap
The main reason why pH meters start to fail over time is they are incorrectly stored.  If your pH meter is left with a dry probe the KCL solution evaporates through the glass membrane.  This will cause incorrect pH readings.  The cap on our pH meter has an o-ring and creates a water-tight seal.  It’s amazing how many pH meters don’t have this basic function meaning your probe gets destroyed very quickly and you are back to purchasing another unit or probe.  To keep your electrode in the best possible condition we recommend you clean with water then store in KCL storage solution inside the cap then push the cap on tight so it seals it up.  This will keep your readings accurate for ages.

We are proud to bring you this awesome pH meter and we believe you can’t find a better pH meter anywhere near this price.

Please note: The replacement probe pictured is an optional extra. Storage solution sold separately.

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