pH Calibration Buffer Powder


To calibrate the diode of your handheld pH meter with a diode.

Accuracy of 0.01 ideal for calibrating pH meters.

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One packet of calibration powder to adjust the digital ph meter. Use these buffer in 250ml deionized water to help the device from showing an erroneous reading of pH or Total Acidity. RO water (TDS ~50) is good enough for home experiments if you are not able to procure de-ionized water from car battery dealers.

Remember pH is in the logarithmic scale which means a simple offset computation is not recommended with digital pH meters.

The pH buffer powders come in two varieties pH 4.01 and pH6.86. Please choose which one you need. The buffer solution can be stored in the refrigerator for a few months. Digital pH meters are notorious in giving errors reading when their diode is not regularly calibrated. This buffer powder helps re-establish the equilibrium.

Remember to make a bottle of great wine, you need to not only measure the pH or measured acidity but also measure total acidity. Only after that correct dosage of Calcium Carbonate or acid blend can be computed. Use buffer powders with RO/demineralized water for best results scientific measurements. Acidity can be increased using food-grade additives like lemon juice, citric acid, malic acid, or tartaric acid.

If you are using milk ferments like probiotic Kefir and Cheese, then pH is one of the simplest indicators of microbial activity. As the milk quality (especially unpasturized) degrades, the pH falls.

pH Powder Calibration Solution 4.01, 6.86 and 9.18 pH set

Please note that this is a chemical used for calibration of your test measurement instrument only. It should not be added to food products or consumed.

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  1. Fasted driveled.

  2. First time iam using this product, its really best product to use in home brewing.

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