Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

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Pressure Keg
Carbonation Caps
Used only with Tee Adaptor to convert unitank or PET Soda bottle to nitro brew system
Keg Connects
To connect your keg to dispensing system
Nitro Line - Pipe
Piping to be used both for nitrogen gas and dispensing nitro cold brew coffee
hose cutter
make straight smooth cuts to your beer line
Nitro Tap
Assortment of various taps that can be used.
Its always good to have a spanner & teflon tape to ensure all pressure fittings are tight and secure.

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Ever wanted to make your own nitro brew coffee. Here is the list of professional equipment to make nitro brew for your cafe, minibar or party.

Please go through each and every component to understand their purpose and fitting before ordering. If you already have a homebrew kegging system, then most of the components are the same and can be reused. You just need to replace your beer gas (CO2 cylinder) with food/medical grade nitrogen cylinder and add a diffusion stone (nitrogen is not readily soluble in coffee, hence needs extra help).



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