Nitro Coffee/ Stout Guinness Spout

Nitro Coffee/ Stout Guinness Spout


Serve a thick foamy nitro-coffee or nitro-beer (like Guinness) using this tap attachment. It Fits Intertap, Nukatap, and most beer taps. Just Replace the existing nozzles with this special nozzle to get the perfect Nitro Pour.

These Nozzles have a creamer disk so when the beverage is pushed through this disk at high pressure it will atomize the liquid giving your beverage a creamy head and a fine bubble that cascades in the glass.  These are typically used for stout or nitro coffee however they are now starting to become popular for various other beers.

Note: Tap, Beer line and Nitrogen gas has to be purchased separately.

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Only 3 items left in stock!

This is a sturdy all-stainless steel design. Ideal for Cafe, Microbrewery or high end party places where premium nitro coffee or

For best results use nitrogen tanks. Any medical-grade nitrogen (hospital gas suppliers) that you procure locally should be ideal.

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How to pour creamy nitro coffee, stout, or other nitrogen beers!



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