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One pack of lab-cultured spores is good for 1kg of Miso or legumes. Ideal for those on the keto diet. It can convert any legume into high protein and yet easy-to-digest food. It is also a good nutritional soup thickener that can give the characteristic Umami flavors to your Asian cuisine.

Miso is healthier and richer in digestible proteins than corn flour which is traditionally used as soup thickener and a base for Chinese curry/gravy.

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Miso Starter Koji Aspergillus Oryzae helps in making probiotic fermented soybean paste. Many Japanese cuisines use this miso paste. Add this koji and some salt with 600gm of soybean paste. Subsequently, ferment it under pressure for 6 months to make a perfect miso paste. It has simple and tasty easy-to-digest proteins. The enzyme action of natural fermentation breaks it down. Hence, are ideal for vegan, ketogenic, sports people and kids. Use organic GM-free lentils for the best results.

Please inoculate the packet in 150gm of steamed (not boiled) rice at room temperature for 24 hours. This will allow the spores to convert into koji rice that can be mixed with soya or lentils. You can now add these inoculated koji rice to add to your legume paste to make miso

Miso is great as a thickener for soups and other Asian cuisines. Pack contains ~8gm of lab-cultured koji.

Some exotic variations

  • To make faster red miso: Please add some ragi (finger millets).
  • To make soy-free red miso: please use chickpea
  • To make low-sodium miso: Just use the regular recipe but place your fermented soy in the refrigerator/freezer to prevent spoilage

Note: The miso needs to be fermented/stored away from oxygen to prevent black mold formation. Traditionally weights and a salt barrier were used to tightly pack the paste while fermenting.

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  1. Ok but expired date given AUG 25th

    • sir the expiry is Aug 2025. please try using this in your batch

  2. @ankur, could you please specify if this lab-cultured spores is 100% aspergillus oryzae, if so then only one can make Koji Rice with it.

    • Arup this is lab cultured spored and can be used to make koji rice.
      Please note that miso is probiotic culture and these probiotic culture are a mix of several strains that are in symbiotic relationship. they are different from brewing cultures which are single strained yeast/koji

  3. Good product listings. I think IndiaPost arrived sooner than courier 🙂

    • Yes sir speed post is reliable esp for remote areas and that is why it is our default service

  4. 40 hours into trying to make rice koji, I’m seeing a few blackish spores. Is this the right colour? I thought it was supposed to be green!

    Also, a little more information and guidance on making koji rice with minimal equipment would be very helpful. For instance, what is the expected weight gain while cooking the rice? What varieties of Indian rice work well? Can we cook the rice in ways other than steaming, especially if using basmati rice?

    For me, I’m getting a nice combination of umami and sweet smells from my parboiled rice koji within 36 hours of inoculation at 90-100 Celsius.

  5. Good aroma when making Koji

    • Thanks Anil

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