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Professional grain mill. 1kg of grains is needed for 4-5 liters of wort. Use with a power tool (hand drill) to get faster crushing. Choose between 2 roller and 3 roller system. Stainless steel SS304 rollers with Premium 6061 Aluminium chassis.

These units have been designed for Malted Barley, Wheat, Rye, corn, and sorghum. Please don’t use them for spices, sugarcane, apples, fruits, or grape crushing. Also, it cannot be used to make flour for baking.

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The Malt-Muncher Grain Mill is constructed using materials that will last a lifetime. Cold rolled steel for the rollers, 6061 Aluminum body and hopper with long-lasting hardened steel bearings.

Unlike the cheaper models, you don’t have to double mill (or triple mill) the grains to get the uniform cracked & crushed grains. If you are using different types of grains or different sizes of grains, then we recommend you to crush them separately and adjust the distance knob between the rollers. However, you can mix specialty malts with base barley malt in the single crush cycle.

The 3 roller design has the main advantage that it draws the grain better and gives improved throughput. Do remember that unlike the flour mill or mixie, the goal is to break the grain and not make a gluten powder out of it. Hence a personal mill is highly recommended for home brewing.

– Includes grain hopper
–  Manual crank handle (12mm for 3 roller and 10mm for 2 roller)
– Width and roller diameter is optimized for use with a power drill (household power tools)
– Adjustable rollers at both ends to give uniform crush
– 12 TPI knurl to efficiently pull grain through rollers while leaving the hull intact to form an excellent filter bed for sparging (TPI is teeth per inch)
– Reinforced chassis with pre aligned mounting holes for perfect stability if mounting to a board.

This listing is for the mill and hopper only, the mounting board is sold separately. If you attach it to an electric drill machine, you can mlll a large batch of grains. Like coffee, freshly milled grains have the highest diastatic power. Uniform crushing through a 3 roller system will improve your wort mash efficiency and help you make clearer beers without any off-flavors. You can source your barley from any nearby microbrewery. Alternatively, you can malt at home.

Assembly instructions for the machine can be found on this link

How To Install & Use a Grain Mill - Tricks to Milling Your Own Grain!

If you want to use a motor or drill machine to drive this grain mill then set it to about 200RPM for maximum milling efficiency. Also, remember to give your power drill a break every 5-10 minutes so that it does not overheat.

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  1. Equipment is perfect. Although I have not yet got hang of it for the perfect grain split. Still get a lot of powder. So will post a review again after a month or so.

    • there should be a knob to adjust the the roller crush level

  2. The funnel is aluminium, and the rollers steel. Wasn’t clear on this information when I purchased it.
    Does the job. Expensive, for it is imported.

    • sir the domestic mills have cast aluminium rollers. they tend to get worn off within a few months.

  3. Stainless steel rollers mean that unlike aluminum rollers this will last a lifetime.

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Malt Mill Stainless Steel Malt Mill Stainless Steel
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