Brewing Litmus pH Paper 1 to 14 (100 strips)

Brewing Litmus pH Paper 1 to 14 (100 strips)


40 strips of Brewing pH strips. It has 14 different color steps which makes it ideal for very precise pH calibration for your beer mashing and kombucha. pH is important for 3 reasons:

  1. Beer mashing requires a lot of enzyme action over a 2-4 hour long heat cycle. Having the right pH and temperature is crucial to achieve the best mashing efficiency.
  2. Young must (grape juice) needs an acidic medium to fend off mold infection.
  3. The amount of SO2 (Campden) one needs to add in finished wine depends strongly on the pH of the bottled wine.

Comes in a hard plastic case for easy storage.

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Please note that this is made from Litmus paper. Hence, it will change color at lesser intervals. However, it is ideal for wine, Kombucha & Mead that often has acidity which is too low for Brewing pH Strips.

This pH strip solves the following headaches:

  1. Electronic pH meter tends to lose calibration. Which means one needs to use pH buffer to calibrate it every 15 minutes
  2. It is handy portable and inexpensive which makes it ideal for a hobby brewer.
  3. For a professional brewer, dipping a piece of paper in wort is faster and more accurate than taking a pH reading using a desktop pH meter or titration equipment.

pH strip is easy to use and carry which is good for most brewing applications and better than the cheap handheld pH meters. Store these strips away from moisture, SO2, Chlorine and Sunlight for the color chart to stay accurate.


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