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Lager Pilsner Beer Kit: Hops and Yeast

Lager Pilsner Beer Kit: Hops and Yeast


Lager beer a.k.a. bottled beer is the crisp, clear, transparent beer that is sold by commercial breweries. A clone of these recipes can be easily made at home using a combination of hops, malt and yeast. Lagers made from pilsner grain malt are also called pills.

Clarifying Agent

Please note that this kit is designed to help you choose from the variety of hops and yeast in the store. These are not complete kits and you are supposed to buy malt and beer brewing equipment separately. Please click on the respective component product pages to get more details on the yeast and hops. You can read more about the additional steps of lagering here. Lager beer is considered a true test of a homebrewer. It needs patience, good equipment, and process control to make the masterpiece also called lager beer.

Yeast: BF16 Lager, M12 Kveik

Hops: Saaz, Magnum, Columbus CTZ, Northern Brewer, Aurora, Styrian Dana, Styrian Cardinal, Styrian Wolf, Styrian Golding, Hallertau,


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