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milkshake IPA here I come

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Sugar of milk: Used for backsweeting brews and other exotic recipes. This complex sugar is not digested by yeast making it an essential part of the Brewmaster kit.

It also adds a buttery mouthfeel, residual sweetness and body to the brew making it ideal for those looking to improve their wort. Also the sweetness tends to counteract the bitterness making over hoppy drinks (but not dry) more easily drinkable by those with a sweeter pallet. In sparkling white wines and hard apple cider, it adds to the body in otherwise watery wines.

Added in milkshake IPA, milk stouts, sparkling wines, and kombucha. Apart from champagnes and beers, Lactose is also used in homeopathy medicine (sugar substitute for diabetic patients) and in Ayurveda to make medicine feel less bitter.


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