Beer Keg Washer with Pump 220V

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Handy device to clean those hard to reach fermenters. Works great with kegs and fermenters with small-mouth.

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Take the work out of cleaning Cornelius kegs, carboys and brewing vessels with the bucket blaster.

The Bucket Blaster is a great way to get your kegs, fermenters, carboy’s or other brewery gear clean while you attend to other tasks.

Simply set up the keg washer basin with your cleaner or sanitizer, set a keg or carboy on over the jet nozzle, power up pump and let the keg washer do the work.

This unit comes with a 15L bucket which doubles as a storage container when you are not using the system.  Some other keg washers come with a very small reservoir making it a pain to move, liquid spills over the sides easily and generally they just do not work as well.  This unit has a large 15L bucket making it much less likely for you to spill liquid on your floor.

This system includes a 2000liter per hour pump, the 15L bucket, a powerful jet nozzle, 3/8 EVABarrier tubing, a tee piece, a grey and black ball lock disconnect and the stainless stand.  Some other keg washers have the ball lock disconnects and tee piece sold separately but this is included in the kit.

Note: The kit includes a white plastic bucket but not the fermenter

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  1. Kusum Agarwal

    wow love the videos. Cleaning can be fun too

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