o ring for corny kegso ring for corny kegs
Corny Keg Post Seal Repair O-Ring

Corny Keg Post Seal Repair O-Ring


These universal gaskets fit all types of home brewing kegs. Repair your old and second-hand Cornelius kegs, ball lock kegs, corny kegs, and pin lock soda syrup cans. Contains 1 ring. Please buy 2 if you want to replace both beer/kombucha and CO2 rings.

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A dripping beer line is not only a microbe magnet but can leave a dripping sticky mess. Taking proper care of beer and air lines is an absolutely essential part of beer dispensing system. Save CO2 Gas Leakages and beer spillage by periodically replacing the ball lock keg post seals.

Fits syrup tanks, ball lock, and pin lock kegs. These O rings are made from Black Nitrile Rubber. It is an ideal sealing compound for post o-rings as it has excellent gas barrier properties and also has good wear resistance so it should last a long time with the disconnect slipping up and down the side of it.

We also keep poppet springs, ball lock posts, keg connects that are used to repair other parts of the damaged kegs.

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  1. Good…

    • Thank you Rathnaker

  2. They fit snug with the ball locks

    • Thanks Sonam

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