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Ideal for outdoor parties, exhibition. This portable setup can help you serve chilled beer at your picnic, marriage or terrace bar.

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Ideal for Resorts, Picnic, Marriages and places where premium craft beer has to be served outdoors. Attach a keg and fill it with ice to serve the beer anytime anywhere.

These jockey box kits include:

1 x Rotomoulded and High-Density PU Foam Insulated Cooler/Esky 35 liters
2 x Intertap SS Taps
2 x Stainless Long Shanks with Duotight fittings
4 x Duotight 8mm Elbow Pieces

2 x Black Plastic Tap Handle (Long Slender Type)
1 x 5mm x 8mm EVABarrier Beer Line
4 x Duotight 8mm x FFL Fitting to make it easy to fit and remove the beer line if needs be

The cooler/esky already has all the holes pre-drilled for your convenience.  All you have to do is push the hoses together and tight up a couple nuts and you will be pouring in no time.

NOTE: You need to purchase kegs and couplings separately. Also, you would need to attach your SS coil and ice for the box to function.


1. Attache your kegs to the beer inlet hoses on the jockey box.  Purge the SS Coil (separate) cold plate with ice. Make sure you have beer lines first as full-strength beer freezes at 4C lower than water.

2. Fill the cooler/esky with ice.

3. Set the regulator at approximately 16psi.  This high pressure is needed to push the beer through the long coils that have considerable line resistance.

NOTE: If your kegs are cold and you are using CO2 to dispense please be aware that extended time at this elevated pressure might cause the beer to over carbonate.  If your kegs are at ambient temperature then this should not be an issue as the CO2 will not easily dissolve into warm beer.  If, however, you have cold kegs and dispensing at elevated pressures then you might want to consider dispensing with either straight nitrogen or CO2 and Nitrogen mixed gas.  Alternatively, if you are only dispensing at elevated pressures for a few hours this is not normally long enough to over carbonate the beer either.

Unlike many other jockey box kits, this particular jockey box comes with a premium grade cooler.  This is a rotomoulded cooler that has PU high-density insulation capable of holding ice in the esky for many days.

So, if you are looking for a commercial-grade jockey box kit that should last a lifetime this is what you need.

Dispense Beer Anywhere - Double Tap Cooler Box!

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  1. nice sturdy box for parties. I wish it came with a copper chiller coil too

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