Jamun Freeze Dried: For Brewing


25gm of Jamun powder. It is freeze-dried to preserve the natural color and tannins. It is suitable for Jamun IPA and Jamun flavored kombucha and seltzer/water kefir.

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Brewers, nowadays, are making fusion beers by adding fruits, honey, and spices to beer. At Arishtam, we have talked about some very simple and common techniques to infuse different flavors and design to your own craft fruit beer recipe. One of these fusion beers is Jamun Ale. Jamun is known for it’s unique taste and amazing health benefits. Just that the availability of fresh fruit is restricted to some particular months of an year. In that case, Dried Jamun Powder can be your best bet to add those dark moody notes to your brew. These are made from best natural jamuns available in India. Unlike store-bought products, it has no preservatives, colors, essence, or food chemicals. Hence it will be the closest to the jamun pulp that one can get in off-season.

Fruits are saturated with water which is not the case with dried powder. Comparatively, they are more condensed and therefore, provide you with intense flavors. Also, water is removed from freeze-dried food leaving behind its sugar content which increases the gravity of your brew. Whereas in the case of fresh fruits, water dilutes the sugar content. Furthermore, freeze-drying retains more nutrients intact in fruits than any other preservation method. So, jamun freeze-dried powder can be your good bet for an alternate brewing route.

You can simply use freeze-dried jamun towards the last 5 minutes of your wort boil to get the best flavors and aromas. Here is a sample recipe for Jamun IPA  and Jamun Wine You can also use it to make Jamun flavored Kombucha.

The powder comes from the fleshy pulp only and does not contain any seeds. It is rich in Jamun flavors and aromas. However, be careful to balance the natural astringency of Jamun in your brews.

Technical specifications:

pH 3.55

sugar content 59.3%

Note: Don’t boil these fruit powders after mixing. We took a lot of care in preserving the natural tannins, phenols, and colors of Jamun through drying at 30 degrees below freezing point. Boiling will only oxidize the powder and make it bitter.

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  1. Goldy Grewal

    How much of this powder is needed to make a liter of wine.. pls share a recipe,, b’cos i would love to make jamun wine in winter too

    • Ankur (store manager)

      Goldy Jamun powder is made from flesh (no seeds and no stems). Hence 1kg of fresh jamun yields 100gm of powder. You can adjust your recipe accordingly. We have introduced bulk packs for your convenience as well.

  2. Goldy Grewal

    Pls share the recipe and how much of powder to add for a gallon of wine.. i made fresh jamun wine during this summer, which was one of my favorite. I would love to make jamun wine in winter with this powder

  3. Ankur (store manager)

    reminds me of childhood adventures on top of jamun tree

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