Hop Spider: Home Brew Mash Kettle

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Perfect for containing hops while brewing beer and prevents hops from getting into your chiller or fermenter!
The spider sits over the edge of your kettle or mashing vessel.

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During the boil, hops can be poured directly into the hop spider. The spider is suitable for up to 300grams of hops making it ideal for IPA. The basket is 35cm high with the opening at the top being 15cm diameter and tapers down to a 10cm diameter at the bottom. It’s completely made from 304 stainless and the mesh is 0.2mm aperture so it will capture 99% of the hop material while still allowing the hops to move in the kettle so you get good hop efficiency.

This is also used by Kombucha brewers who don’t want their tea to spill all over their kettle during boiling. Also, Wine/cider makers use it to doze spices for their commercial winery batches.

Perfect for containing hops while brewing beer and prevents hops from getting into your chiller, fermenter or clogging your re-circulation pump. The spider sits over the edge of your kettle and is ideally suited to use with your Brewzilla.

Technical Details

Capacity 300g Pellet Hops (10.5oz)
304 Stainless Construction
200micron mesh or 0.2mm Aperture Mesh (99% Efficiency in trapping hops)
35cm High
15cm Top Diameter
10cm Bottom Diameter

How to Use Hop Spider

  1. Use the hook to attach the spider to the edge of your beer wort mashing kettle.
  2. Do not over-fill the spider. Make sure there is enough room for the wort to seep in and extract the essential oils.
  3. Use the pump to agitate the spider and increase extraction efficiency.
  4. Allow the spider to drain completely before removing it. The small diameter hole will allow the wort to pass through without the hop/plant material to spill all over the brew kettle.
  5. As recommended with all brewing equipment – please clean the spider before and after every use.
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  1. Good purchase

  2. Good finish overall, but had a few strands of the mesh sticking out. I filed it out, it could be dangerous if you don’t notice

    • apologies for that Krish

  3. This removes the hassle of cleaning multiple muslin spice bags. Greater surface area of the hop material with wort should result in better utilization. The build quality is good too.

    • thanks Nikhil

  4. Quality product from Kegland. Does the job perfectly.

    • thanks Rishabh.

  5. Prevents clogging in your mash tun. Quality is good and same day shipping

    • Thank you Pankaj. I will be uploading the video of this also soon

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