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A large-sized tea bag made from temperature-resistant food grade cloth to help infuse the right amount of hops and spices. Most importantly it allows you to remove the flavoring agent once the adequate levels are reached. It also prevents choking of mashing vessel pump due to hop sediment.

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Want to dry hop your beers or infuse spices to your wine? Scared if you will add too many flavors or aroma? Worried about excessive bitterness or astringency when the spices are left in your fermenter for too long? Well, this hop bag is the solution. Since hops stay inside this tiny bag, you can retrieve the spices after the right level of flavors and aromas have reached.

150mm wide
800mm long

The bag are temperature rated up to 110C, which is ideal for most boiling activities. We recommend cutting in half and tying each end like a sack, or use as long tube.

Based on your style you can use it for early boil/late boil/secondary/dry hopping and almost every conceivable beer or wine flavoring technique. The bag prevents the hops to scatter all over the brew and making filtering/removal easy. Hence, reducing the chances of too many flavors during aging.

For dry hopping, we recommend cutting the bag into 3. Put a few glass marbles for weight/sinking, add spices/ hops for aromas, and tie a knot. Place it with a string/steel chain so that the hop can be retrieved later.

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36 reviews for Hop Sock/ Spice Bag

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  1. looks good, open on both sides

    • sir you can cut the brew socks in to pieces, put in the hops/spices and tie a knot, should be easy to use

  2. Very good product

  3. A very simple, cheap and useful thing. I am going to use it for improving wine with oak chips.

  4. not good

  5. Fine mesh. Good for Hops

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