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The home brew Siphon Pump is an indispensable tool for brewers, whether you’re making wine, beer, kombucha or any other fermented beverage. This simple yet effective device allows you to transfer liquids effortlessly while minimizing oxidation and removing sediments.

This pump comes with extra long 1.8m hose to ensure that you can transfer with ease

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Key Features:

  1. Gravity-Powered Siphoning:
    • The siphon pump relies on gravity to move liquid from a higher container to a lower one.
    • No need for manual pumping or external power sources—just set it up and let gravity do the work. No moving parts, no machinery or complex things which are difficult to clean and sanitize.
  2. Stainless Steel Mesh Filter:
    • Don’t worry about the pump ever chocking or the flow stopping. The large stainless steel mesh ensures that sediment don’t enter the siphon tube and block it ever.
    • As the liquid flows through the siphon, it leaves behind any settled sediments or lees.
    • This ensures that only clear liquid is transferred, leaving unwanted particles behind.
  3. Easy to use Suction pump:
    • Remember the childhood days of siphoning the petrol out of motorcycle tanks? well sucking the liquid introduces spit and microbes in the home brew. Hence we created a siphon that has a inbuilt suction pump. Just squeeze a few times and the flow starts automatically
  4. Preventing Oxidation:
    • Oxidation can negatively impact the flavor and stability of your brew. That is why beer and wine is never poured via a jug/funnel/decanted.
    • By using a siphon pump, you avoid splashing and unnecessary exposure to air during transfer, preserving the quality of your beverage.
    • Siphon ensures that the top wine/beer surface does not get sloshed. No shoshing = no oxygen = no oxidation of alcohol = fresh and strong home brew.
  5. Easy to Use:
    • Attach the siphon pump to your fermenter or container.
    • Prime the siphon by filling the tube with liquid.
    • Let gravity take over as the liquid flows from the higher vessel to the lower one.


  • Racking Wine and Beer:
    • Move your brew from the primary fermenter to a secondary vessel or bottling bucket.
    • Avoid disturbing settled yeast or sediment during the transfer.
  • Transferring Kombucha or Other Beverages:
    • Use the siphon pump to move kombucha, cider, or other homemade drinks without introducing contaminants.

Tips for Effective Siphoning:

  1. Sanitize Everything:
    • Before using the siphon pump, ensure that all components are thoroughly sanitized.
    • Use a sanitizer like StarSan or SaniClean to prevent contamination.
  2. Practice First:
    • If you’re new to siphoning, practice with water before using it for your brew.
    • Get comfortable with the process to avoid mishaps during the actual transfer.
  3. Monitor Flow:
    • Adjust the angle of the siphon to control the flow rate.
    • Be patient and let the liquid move steadily without splashing.

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