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A simple home brewing guide for first-time brewers. A comprehensive 50,000 words recipe book with reference recipes from all over the world.

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Learn the basics, history and culture of making beers, wines, probiotics at home. This is India’s first home brewing guide. It comes in an easy to refer to the hardbound edition. If you are serious about food craft and customized recipes, then this book is a must-have for you. An exhaustive 200-page manual (50 chapters, 49,500 words) for first-timers who want to experiment in food-craft.

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List of chapters

Preface. 4

About the Author 6

Introduction. 8

Why Home brew.. 9

History of Fermentation. 11

Indian Traditional Beverages. 17

Equipment Checklist 22

Six Golden Rules of Safe Fermentation. 32

Yeast 37

Home Made Wine. 43

American Toddy: Prison Hooch Recipe. 44

Madhu: Honey Mead Recipe. 47

Harahuraka: Grape Wine Recipe. 50

Kapisayani: White Wines Recipe. 58

Kalika: Fruit Wines & Cider Recipe. 60

Raga: Banana Wine Recipe. 65

Asava: Devil’s Blood Wine Recipe. 67

Sudha: Rose Wine Recipe. 68

Khajurasava: Date Wine Recipe. 71

Pear Wine. 73

Home brew Beers. 75

My First Beer Recipe. 76

Grain Mashed Beers. 80

BIAB: Wheat Beer Recipe. 87

Malting at Home. 90

Barley Malting Recipe. 99

Torani: Sake Recipe. 105

Tongba: Millet Gruel Recipe. 107

Non-Alcoholic Beers. 109

Probiotic Beverages. 111

Introduction to Probiotics. 112

Eco-Immunology. 114

Kombucha Recipe. 117

Ginger Ale Recipe. 119

Kefir Recipe. 121

Sirka: Cider Vinegar Recipe. 122

Gajjar Kanji: Sauerbeet Recipe. 123

Functional Foods. 124

What are Functional Foods?. 125

Ayurvedic Medicinal Brews. 128

Sauerkraut Recipe. 132

Hing-Mango Pickle Recipe. 134

Lemon Chooran Recipe. 136

Sweet Pickled Gooseberry Recipe. 139

Pig style Kimchi recipe. 141

Miso Recipe. 143

Perfecting Home Brew.. 145

Understanding Indian Palate. 146

Alcohol Measurement 151

Measuring pH.. 156

Oxidation. 157

Foamy Head. 162

Haze and Fining Agents. 165

Color & Body. 169

Bitterness & Wort Chemistry. 171

Flavors and Aromas. 172

Presentation. 183

Bottling and Labelling. 184

Kegs & Barrels. 187

Story Telling. 188

Log Book. 190

Legal Implications. 193

Glossary  196


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    • Ankur (store manager)

      Thank you I am glad you liked the book

  2. Sonam Agarwal

    so many chapters. took me 6 months to read

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  3. ankur (store manager)

    nice book for beginners who want to start their fermentation journey

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