HEPA Filter 0.2 micron


Worried about microbes contaminating your beers and wines. This filter is used during wort oxygenation and CO2 pumping during kegging.

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These 0.2 Micron Air Filters have a fine enough filter membrane that they can filter out microbes and bacteria.

They can be used with any oil-free air compressor such as a pond pump, or another type of pump.

These can also be used as an airlock in the top of your fermenter. They can also be used to filter the air going back into a cask when dispensing real ale.

This filter is not suitable for liquids and should be discarded if it gets wet.

0.2 Micron Pore Size
PE Membrane
MM Filter Body

Use it along with your gas lines. Those fearing of suction in airlocks also use it to prevent airborne contamination.


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