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Professional Wine packing simplified by Arishtam. You can buy the wine cork here.

Please note that the wine cork/screw lid has to be purchased separately. This is the price of the heat shrink wrap packing only.

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Professional bottle packaging and labeling made easy with the Arishtam supply store. Put it over the long-neck dimple bottomed glass bottle and apply heat through a kettle or a hairdryer. Gives a store-like finishing to your packages. This plastic wrapping is used after you have inserted the cork in your bottle.

Another alternative to heat shrink caps is using molten wax crayons and dipping the neck of your wine bottle in it to get the perfect professional seal. If you can stamp the bottle with your lac seal, it will be even better.

These are thin wrappers and get crumpled without good support. Hence please expect 5-10% damage during shipping.

How to shrink top cap on a wine bottle

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  3. Best quality

  4. Fantastic if you wanna give a premium touch to your wine bottle.

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