Gelatin: Beer Fining agent

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Want the crystal clear crispy ales that looks like lager? Well, this beer gelatin is there to help you remove the floating suspended yeast from your home-brew beer.

This gummy sticky gelatin has positively charged proteins. It will bind to yeast cell walls and other haze forming particles and accelerate sedimentation.

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5gm of gelatin (tasteless odorless) fining agent used to remove the protein haze from the grain mashes.


1. Wait for the fermentation to complete and the yeast to naturally fluctuate out.

2. Take a teaspoon per 5 liters of beverage (more if it is very hazy). Dissolve it in half a cup of lukewarm water. Make sure no lumps remain. Scrape the sticky gelatin from the surfaces.

3. After mixing this gelatin solution in the beverage, put it for a cold crash. Keep your fermenter in the fridge between 4-10 degrees Celsius) for 24 hours.

The chill causes the slowing down of Brownian motion promoting sedimentation. The gelatin will attract the residual floating particles and settle to the bottom with them. For best results add some Irish moss and Bentonite Clay slurry in the wort. Do this just after adding yeast.

Detailed instructions here.

Vegetarian users can substitute this with agar grass or silicone colloidal solution

34 reviews for Gelatin: Beer Fining agent

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