DIY Brew Kettle Mash Tun BIAB


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The DIY kettle attachments does not come with the boiling pot. It can be purchased from the local utensils supplier.

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Wort Chiller
stainless steel wort chiller
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Brew Bag BIAB nylon mesh bag
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Home Brewing Guide Book
Hop Spider
add hops to your mash to make lovely IPA
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Mash Paddle

Convert your bhagona or Kool Keg into a powerful mashing unit. Entry-level mashing kettle before you purchase a professional mashing system

The kit contains:

  1. Stainless Steel Wort Chiller
  2. Large circular muslin cloth BIAB bag
  3. Hole drilling machine
  4. Hop spider
  5. Mash Paddle
  6. Brewing Thermometer Guage
  7. Triple Scale Hydrometer
  8. The boiling pot is not included. You can get it from your local utensils store (ask for Restaurant bhagona flat bottom)

You can buy brass or stainless steel washers and plumbing grade and teflon tape to secure the joins. Most cooking/baking thermometers are good enough for temperature regulation.

Beer Mashing Kettle and MashTun

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  1. Sir pls add steel mash tun and thermometer and other accessories in your list.. I m also interested in buying electric brewzilla all in one mash and brew etc, but i have few quarries about it,, I definitely want to buy it in near future

    • Goldy we have a 7k off running on brewzilla.
      for the normal mashtun, all the accessories except the steel bhagona/stock pot are there with us. you can get a bhagona from the local utensils shop of the desired size to get beer brewing started

  2. thank you ankurbhai for quick reply but that will not fit in my budget, from my last order i try to make beer but not got successes so can u pl. help me out, which video will this full process of how to make beer with dry malt ,beacuse i see most of the videos but nobody gave specific measurement , how much hope i have to take for 10 ltr of batch, and all other ingredients which you supply and also want to make malt at home,

  3. Ankurbhai i want this brew kettle i tried in mu city but not available can u send me with my other orders???pl. let me know

    • thank you for your review

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