Premium Water Distillation Setup: AlcoEngine

Premium Water Distillation Setup: AlcoEngine

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Ever wanted to make your own distilled water, extract perfumes, essential oil or other similar distilled extracts. It can also be used to make hydrosol or extract essential oils from flowers like rose jasmine or lavender or from herbs like spearmint, eucalyptus or cloves.

Please refer to videos and youtube tutorials on how to rightly assemble alcoengine

Brewzilla Pot
Copper Reflux Still
Copper Packing
Dome Lid
Needed to concentrate the vapors. Please select the one matching the Brezilla pot mouth size
Juniper Mesh
Ideal for preventing copper packing and botanical flavoring from falling down.
Extension Pipe
Used to infuse Peat, Juniper, Copper Packing and other flavors to your distillate

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Please go through each and every component to understand their purpose and fitting before ordering.

The gin extension tube is optional but has to be spot welded by local fabricator. Otherwise you can also use the malt pipe (included in the brewzilla) to infuse botanicals in your distillate.


  • Lead-free brass & Copper
  • Lead-free silver soldering
  • High-quality manufacture
  • Super easy to use and will yield results in very high purity distillate
  • Australian Design
  • Modular design: Easy to store and upgrade
Alcoengine Reflux Still - How to setup and use this distillation aparatus for home Distillation


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