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Want to go pro but but scared of packaging? Arishtam is there to help you ensure all your bottles are filed to exactly the same level without having to spend lakhs on a automated packaging line. It is heavily used by kombucha and probiotics startups.

This electrically operated automated machine will help you make a small bottling assembly line at home without breaking the bank. It can make large batch bottling real easy. Since the electronics will ensure that the metered quantity of liquid is dispersed, there will be no spillage or uneven water levels which can put off even the least fussy customers.

This is an important equipment for anybody considering to go pro but with small batches. This machine operates at 220v power supply and is compact enough to sit on the table top. Comes with a foot pedal and a SS Filter for the input tank.

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  1. Kusum Agarwal

    great for small commercial kombucha setup

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