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Time to upgrade from Flip-top bottles and plastic soda bottles to perfectly crimped crown caps in glass beer bottles. Take any recycled soda or beer glass bottle and convert it into the most coveted packaging. It has a special coating making it ideal for highly acidic drinks like Kombucha and over-carbonated home brew beer and sparkling wines.

You can buy second-hand glass bottles (esp Bira pint size or kingfisher 650ml) and recycle them. The dimensions of the cap and the bottle are in the images if you are planning to buy first hand from the market.

Color: Black

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You know that the final touch of sealing your glass beer bottle is as crucial as the brewing process itself. We toil hours and weeks to make our product just to squander away the charm by flimsy packaging. Our Crown Caps are designed to lock in the essence of your craft beer, ensuring each sip is as fresh as the first.

Product Features

  • Universal Fit: Designed to snugly fit any standard beer bottle (275ml breeze, 200ml milk, 330ml beer brown bottle, or 650ml large brown bottle), making them versatile for all your homebrewing needs. We recommend that you recycle Bira or Kingfisher or Arishtam Bottles for best compatibility.
  • Superior Quality: Kombucha and nitro coffee are more acidic than your average juice/beer or drink that one packs. Hence these bottles have a molded lining material to ensure that rusting and stains do not damage your product.
  • Higher carbonation: Most home brewers use priming sugar or natural carbonation. This means that their beer, kombucha has higher level of carbonation and can pop out/burst if not handled properly. Our caps weigh an average of 2.2gm which makes them stronger and more reliable than anything else in the market.
  • Crafted from hardened pre-crimped steel that withstands the pressure of carbonation, keeping your beer perfectly fizzy.
  • Easy to Use: Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned brewer, our crown caps are simple to apply with a standard capping tool.
  • Variety of Colors: Choose from a range of colors to match your brew’s personality or to categorize your creations.

Use your crown capping machine to make professional soda/beer bottles that look better than what you get in-store. The crown caps come in a plain golden color but can be easily painted and customized to reflect your brand.

A capper is recommended, but many DIY enthusiasts have achieved great results using a wrench/plier or a bell capper and hammer.

Each cap weigh about 2.2gm (which is 25% heavier than the cheaper quality caps in the market)

You can buy a Pack contains 100 pcs. or 1kg crown caps (bulk pack containing 450 pcs)

Ideal for home brewers, kombucha, beers, homemade sparkling wine (champagne), ginger ale, and other probiotic fizzy ferments. Please note that the beverage sealed in metal caps has a life of 6 months post which it will not be able to hold pressure. Hence, it may not be the best choice for long-term aging.


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Home fermentation is your grandmother’s recipe and does not use any shortcuts, chemicals, preservatives, or anything unhealthy. So there is not a store in the world that can even think of beating it in taste and health benefits. It is a probiotic food that not only tastes good but is also nutritious and low on calories. Unlike the packaged food and beverage which is loaded with chemical food colors, preservatives, and stabilizers.

We will guide you on how to change the taste, color, aroma, mouthfeel, and even the ingredients to suit your tastes, health, and nutrition needs. We have a lot of easy to use customizable kits. Also, we put a lot of emphasis on packaging, which will help you make the best packaging in the industry. This will also help you throw an awesome party for your friends and family and boast of your latest hobby.

Kombucha can go flat because of a variety of reasons. Here is a troubleshooting guide.

  1. Improper packaging: You need a proper container that can retain CO2 pressure. Crown caps are the best for it. However, screw cap type milk bottles don’t hold pressure that well. A swing type bottle is also great.
  2. Priming Sugar: If you ferment the kombucha completely, then there is not much sugar left for it to ferment and carbonate. Use a hydrometer and add about 8gm of residual sugar per liter at the time of bottling.
  3. Improper bottle conditioning: Natural CO2 takes a couple of days to form. Keeping the kombucha in the refrigerator immediately after bottling does not give it adequate time to carbonate.
  4. Lack of yeast. If you filter your kombucha, then you might strip it of yeast and healthy microbes. This would not allow the fermentation to happen in the bottle.

Crown Cap is an airtight metal seal crimped on the top of most glass bottled beers, ciders, mineral waters, etc.

Also called crown cork (crown seal, crown cap or just a cap), the first form of bottle cap, was invented by William Painter in 1892 in Baltimore. The company making it was originally called the Bottle Seal Company.

Other types of glass bottle sealing mechanism include:

  1. ROPP: Also called screw cap. these are resealable screw caps often found on wine bottles and medicine bottles. unfortunately, they don’t hold pressure that well.
  2. Twistoff: they is a hybrid of crown cap and ROPP. They can be twisted and opened without a opener/tool and yet they can retain pressure.
  3. Pull-on Ring Cap: They are aluminum caps and a hybrid of the beverage can and crown cap. Made from aluminium they can be opened like a beer can. making them popular increasingly.

Why is a beer seal called a crown cap?

The ridges or knurled end of this glass bottle closure is in the form of an inverted crown, hence the name of crown cap.

Sealing a glass beer bottle with a crown cap is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Sanitize: First, ensure that both the bottle and the crown cap are thoroughly sanitized. Cleanliness is essential to prevent contamination.
  2. Position the Cap: Place a sanitized crown cap onto the filled beer bottle. Make sure it is centered on the bottle’s neck.
  3. Capping: Position the bottle under a capping tool (such as a wing capper or a bench capper). Press down firmly to seal the cap onto the bottle. The capper will crimp the edges of the cap, securing it in place.
  4. Check for Leaks: After capping, check for any leaks. If you feel that the cap is not fully compressed onto the bottle, remove the capper, turn the bottle 1/4 turn, and repeat the compression. Ensure a tight seal.

Remember, using a capper specifically designed for crown caps is recommended for professional results.

The standard size for a beer crown cap is typically 26mm in diameter. This size is commonly used for most glass beer bottles and is designed to provide a secure seal, preserving the carbonation and freshness of the beer. The 26mm crown cap is a universal standard for many bottling operations and homebrewers alike.

Other popular caps include

  • 29mm Caps: Some bottles, especially Maggi Sauce, champagne-style bottles used for specialty brews like Belgian lambics, use larger 29mm caps1. These caps provide a secure seal and are commonly seen on unique or high-end beer bottles. The thread finish varies based on bottle size, with the most common sizes being 26mm and 29mm.
  • Growler/Screw Caps: Growler or screw caps are versatile options for beer enthusiasts and brewers. They come in various materials, including plastic (such as Polyethylene terephthalate) or metals (like aluminum). These caps create an airtight seal, preserving beer freshness during storage or transportation. Breweries that dispense draft beer often prefer screw caps because they maintain pressure and carbonation levels over time. The cap lip has corresponding measurements on both sides, making it easy to identify overall bottle size without measuring each bottle individually.
  • Swing-Top Caps: Swing-top caps are popular among brewers and collectors due to their unique design and sealing benefits. They consist of two parts: the cap itself and a steel lock (also known as the “Lightning” toggle closure). The combination of metal screw caps and tight fits makes them ideal for bottles that need an extra secure seal, such as home-brewed beer, cider, or soda. Swing-top caps prevent oxygen from entering after bottling, ensuring freshness. These caps are especially useful for resealing partially consumed bottles.
If you still have a question, write in the comments section and we will get back to you.

70 reviews for Crown Caps for Glass Bottle Sealing

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Image #1 from Siarhei Sviryd
Image #2 from Kevin J.
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Image #1 from Siarhei Sviryd

Siarhei Sviryd

These caps are very good. I did not even expect that they will close bottles so tightly. But it is a shame how Arishtam packed them. They were just scattered in the box. The plastic bag was inside the box but was all torn. Plus I received only 90 instead of 100. I suppose Arishtam will send me 10 caps extra when I order them again.

Image #2 from Kevin J.

Kevin J.

When I purchased on your website it stated that the 100 peices would be silver and 1kg would be black, but I got 100 in black. The paint chips because the caps rub against each other. Personally I would prefer silver or golden caps than black. Esthetically it looks clean in silver.

Image #3 from Anonymous


One of the best crown caps available at very economical prices. Keep up the good work.

Image #1 from Siarhei Sviryd
Image #2 from Kevin J.
Image #3 from Anonymous
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  1. These caps are very good. I did not even expect that they will close bottles so tightly. But it is a shame how Arishtam packed them. They were just scattered in the box. The plastic bag was inside the box but was all torn. Plus I received only 90 instead of 100. I suppose Arishtam will send me 10 caps extra when I order them again.

    Image #1 from Siarhei Sviryd
    • apologies we have refunded for the caps shortfall

  2. Good product… I would like to see Indian barley, wheat n grains as malt

  3. Perfect condition but you have to use it

  4. Nice , A good home stuff worth buying

  5. Good

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