Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter: Beer Brite Tanks


400L SS304 Conical fermenter with pressure lid and cooling jacket.

Ideal for Wine and Kombucha makers who are looking to scale their operations. Conical fermenters allow precise temperature control, timely removal of dead yeast, and flexibility of long term bulk aging without spending too much on electricity. Those making sparkling wine, sparkling cider/mead, or doing pressure fermenting of kombucha with temperature control find it extremely useful.

Unitank means that in a single vessel:

  1. You can ferment
  2. Remove the yeast sediment
  3. Condition, secondary aging, flavor infusion
  4. Draw samples, chill to right temperature
  5. Serve/keg/bottle or dispense under pressure.
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Professional brewing stainless steel conical fermenter made with SS304. They have triple skin, Dimple Jacket even in the cone to keep your refrigeration cost minimal. They are pressure vessels adhering to AS1210 (Australian Standard for pressure vessels) and are ideal for a microbrewery, kombucha manufacturer, or small winery maker.

The price is for 400L Liter tank but we have other options also available to fit your budget, production capacity, floor plan, and head-space. (150L,  200L, 300L, 400L, 450L, 600L, 800L, 1,000L, 1,500L, 2,000L, 2,500L, 3,000L,  4,000L). Please email your floor plan and ceiling height to help us suggest the best option.

400L beer conical fermenter engineering dimensions

If you are looking for a small pilot brew for your research and development purposes, please consider a low-cost plastic conical fermenter.

Triple Skin

1. Inside Skin (Mirror Polished)
2. Dimple Jacket (INCLUDING CONE)
3. 50mm PU Insulated Jacket (Brushed Finish)

Pressure Vessel

This is a unit tank design so the fermenter can be pressurized enabling you to use this not only as a fermenter but also a Bright/Brite tank. Carbonate and dispense from the one vessel.

Shadowless Manway

– For easy cleaning and also for best results with CIP cleaning, the Shadowless Manways are simply more sanitary and are the only way to go.

Australian Standards

– Designed to AS1210 Australian standards

CIP Spray Ball

Geometrically designed to be effective with CIP.

4 Inch Tri-Clover Cap

This useful cap has a 4inch tri-clover opening at the top which can be useful for dry hopping, late additions, pitching of yeast, and many other purposes.  We also sell other attachments that can attach to this standard 4inch Tri-Clover Port including:

a) Lid with pressure relief, ball lock gas post, and ball lock liquid post.  This can be very useful for extracting a sample from the fermenter or simply applying some gas pressure to the headspace of the fermenter.

b) 4 Inch Tri-Clover end Cap

Delivery & Production Lead Time

SS304 Conical fermenters are made and imported on order from Kegland. Hence please allow 90 days from payment for delivery. Please note that all prices at Arishtam are inclusive of GST & customs. However, delivery (ex Bangalore) would be charged extra for these large fermenters.

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  1. jacket means i can pass cold water through them and chill them. without jacket means its a simple conical fermenter. will they come with spunding valve

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