calcium chloride brewing saltcalcium chloride brewing salt
Calcium Chloride: Brewing Salt
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Calcium Chloride: Brewing Salt


Need those extra Calcium ions to make the extra hoppy IPA beers? Want to enhance the malty flavors without adding bitterness?

It is usually used in place of Gypsum when sulfates are not desired. It corrects the mineral deficiencies in brewing water also increases the permanent hardness. Calcium Chloride lowers the pH levels of mash by precipitating some organic acids naturally found in the wort. However, it really enhances the malt flavor in a beer and keeps it well-rounded throughout the palate.

It is also used as a food-grade coagulant in tofu making process. Being readily soluble in water, it is preferred by commercial Tofu processing units over magnesium-based Nigari. Also by enriching the calcium content of Tofu, it makes the soybean taste similar to calcium-rich dairy paneer.

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Best used for European Lagers, Stouts, Irish Red Ales and other malty beers. CaCl2 (molar mass 110.99) is used by advanced brewers to improve the wort chemistry as burton salts. Calcium Sulphates improve the hoppiness and Magnesium gives hardness. Details on dosage here. Please use the packet sparingly a few gm per batch is all you need.

When making beer, the recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon per 20 liters. 1 gram of Calcium Chloride in 3.8 liters of water changes the salt levels by 72 ppm calcium, 127.5 ppm chloride and adds 180 ppm to the hardness.

This is extra pure salt for brewing purposes. Unlike commercial salts, here Arsenic level is 0.0005% and lead 0.0005% Zinc and Iron are also less than 0.001%. However, please be aware that calcium chloride is highly hygroscopic. So keep it in an airtight jar away from moisture otherwise you will end up with an aqueous solution of unknown strength.

The soluble calcium salts are readily absorbed by the body. It is also used to improve the taste of RO water.

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  1. Good quality

  2. Part of my water chem process for the perfect brew.

    • Thanks Krish

  3. Good

  4. Not used yet

    • Paul Keep us posted. BTW don’t forget the calcium chloride is hygroscopic and with turn into an aqua solution if not sealed after use.

  5. Good product

    • Thank you

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