Brewzilla Dome Lid Stainless Steel: 47MM Hole
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Brewzilla Dome Lid Stainless Steel: 47MM Hole



Ideal for those who want to convert their brewzilla into a distillation apparatus. Brewing water is one of the most important ingredients to a great beverage and a portable distillation machine will help you achieve the right mineral chemistry.

The dome has a 2-inch hole that is compatible with the copper reflux still. Please check the dimensions of the dome.

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Made from 304-grade Stainless steel. The dome-shaped lid concentrates the vapors efficiently leading to high throughput of distillation.

Also fits Turbo Boilers & Grain Fathers.
Comes with a silicone seal attached to ensure a complete seal when distilling.

DigiBoil / BrewZilla Distillation Lid Assembly Video | KegLand | How To

2 reviews for Brewzilla Dome Lid Stainless Steel: 47MM Hole

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  1. Dom Lid I received only have 22mm hole.Not yet used.
    In advertisement it’s shows 47mm.

    • Vipin you are measuring via inches scale and not not cm scale hence the difference. don’t worry the dome, alcoengine and brewzilla are made from same manufacturer kegland and are compatible

  2. Awesome

    • Cheers Deepak

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