Brewzilla Dome Lid Stainless Steel: 47MM Hole
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Brewzilla Dome Lid Stainless Steel: 47MM Hole


Ideal for those who want to convert their brewzilla into a distillation apparatus. Brewing water is one of the most important ingredients to a great beverage and a portable distillation machine will help you achieve the right mineral chemistry.

The dome has a 2-inch hole that is compatible with the copper reflux still. Please check the dimensions of the dome.

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Made from 304-grade Stainless steel. The dome-shaped lid concentrates the vapors efficiently leading to high throughput of distillation.

Also fits Turbo Boilers & Grain Fathers.
Comes with a silicone seal attached to ensure a complete seal when distilling.

DigiBoil / BrewZilla Distillation Lid Assembly Video | KegLand | How To


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