Brew Kettle -Brewzilla v3.1.1 35 liters

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This awesome little brewery is the complete turnkey solution to all-grain brewing.

FAST – Fast to setup, brew and clean up

EASY – Very simple, easy, and intuitive design

VALUE – Great value for money

For any all-grain brewer wanting to get into this fantastic hobby this is the perfect first step.

The 35L system is designed to do brews up to 30L so there is enough headspace during the boil.

This Brewery system can be run off a single-phase 240v standard power outlet.

NOW WITH DELAY START FEATURE (see the video below for how to use)


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  • Programmable interface, making and following a recipe easy over a 2-4 hour long mashing cycle.
  • Electric heating which allows for a precision not observed in BIAB over LPG Stove
  • Recirculation Pump: that improves mashing efficiency (higher alcohol, better beer and lower grain consumption)

System Includes:

  • Immersion Chiller
  • Digital Backlit Temperature Control/Display
  • Malt Pipe
  • Dual Element Control
  • Stainless 1/2inch Ball Valve
  • Magnetic drive pump mounted in the base of the unit

How to use the mashing kettle:

  • Mill about 6-8 kg of malt
  • Add water
  • Program the temperature and time setting
  • Turn on the re-circulation pump & heater
  • Come back after 2 hours to remove the malt pipe and add hops
  • Boil and then turn on the wort chiller to chill the wort
  • Transfer to your fermenter, add yeast, and drink after 1 week.



  1. It comes with 6 months warranty. Beyond which there will be fees for support.
  2. Arishtam will continue to help you with spares and upgrades. As Arishtam is the official distributor of Kegland Products in India.
  3. This parcel will be shipped using Speed Post and the price is inclusive of taxes and shipping
  4. For input GST and waybill, please follow the guidelines mentioned here
  5. User Manual can be downloaded here
  6. RoboBrew & Brewzilla are the same and made by the same manufacturer. The older versions were called RoboBrew but the latest version 3.1.1 is called Brewzilla.
  7. Sparge: When the mashing is complete, lift and set the malt pipe in place. Ensure that the liquid level is atleast an inch higher than the wort level. Now we pour the sparge water so that any residual sticky sweet malt sticking to the grains is washed off and collected. We can increase the temperatures to bring it to a boil while the residual malt is still dripping and is being collected.
  8. Whirlpool: Brewzilla comes with an internal magnetic pump with a cam locked recirculation pipe. We are shipping Brewzilla with a silicone hose that can be fit on this recirculation pipe to create the whirlpool. Alternatively, you can use the mash paddle to create it manually like we do with other brewing kettle.

Free HOP SPIDER on local pickup from Bangalore store.

If you are a research institute with distillation license, you can retrofit a reflux still to research on various Whiskey, Vodka or brandy

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  1. Mark Showell

    Having done ten brews using this fantastic little machine
    Can give it 5 stars without fear. Saves time energy and clean up is one vessel not three.
    The auto preheat saves hours as comes on while you are still in bed.
    Brewing again tomorrow and loving every brewday

    • Ankur (store manager)

      Mark you need to share pictures of your setup and teach your brewing style as well. I know there are lots of amazing things on tap

  2. Sonam Agarwal

    it has all the features of grain father but at fraction of the cost

  3. ankur (store manager)

    5 stars

    amazing automatic mashing vessel. lovely time saver

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