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Ease of bottling from keg or fermenter without the risk of oxidation. It can also be used without CO2 line as a Stainless Steel Bottling Wand.

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This SS bottling wand is ideal for those looking to bottle with ease. It has a CO2 inlet for carbonation & purging oxygen before bottling. This professional equipment is used by most breweries looking to fill bottles/growlers from their kegs.

It is also used as a bottling wand by many. This is because it can bottle, sparge, fill, and carbonate in one go. Ideal for beers, sparkling wines, and carbonated probiotics that get oxidized when you fill using a traditional funnel approach.

Bottles filled with counter-flow pressure fillers will not have the yellow ring (yeast sediment) at the bottom.

bottle filler instructions pdf

How to Use the Blichmann BeerGun

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  1. It was as described and good value for money

    • Thank you Alan.

  2. However the PP Tubing provided doesn’t fit my coupler tail piece as it’s too small. Using a John Guest fitting also doesn’t work. Good thing I had ordered a slightly bigger tubing from elsewhere.

    • Roshan all pipe and fittings are supposed to be very tight. Hence we dip the tubing ends in boiling water to soften and then attach them. there should be clamps to fasten them as well

  3. Not a Blichmann… But still does the job. Frothing do still happens.

    • Roshan These products are from Kegland Australia. Blichmann is a separate USA Brand

  4. transferring from kegs to home brew bottles could not be easier

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