Hose Tube cutter


Make neat cuts to your pipes, hose. Ideal for DIY beer keg setup.

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SKU: 5438077802206 Category: GTIN: 5438077802206MPN: KL07689Brand: Kegland Australia

This 2 in 1 tube cutter has two functions. The reverse of the tube cutter has an 8mm jaw that can be used to pull the collet back on the various pipe fittings. The tube cutter itself has a hardened and extremely sharp blade that makes nice clean and square cuts on the tubing. CUTS IN SECONDS: For clean, straight cuts this 2 in 1 cutter is an integral tool in the easy-to-install keg  Connection System.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL POLY TUBING: For clean, straight cuts, use with 1/4 Inch, 5/16, 3/8 Inch, 6mm-10mm OD Tubing.  Compatible with HDPE, PE, PEX, PP NYLON, EVA, and EVABarrier tubing.

Remember to disconnect the CO2 and Nitrogen gas lines before cutting.


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