duotight 8mm to ffl fitting sideduotight 8mm to ffl fitting side
Beer Line Push-in Fittings: 8mm(5/16) x FFL
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Beer Line Push-in Fittings: 8mm(5/16) x FFL



Kegland’s duotight fitting for high-quality seal. It is ideal for those who prefer the screw type fitting rather than struggling to get the beer line over the barbed end of the connector.

Has two high-quality food-grade EPDM o-rings for a very tight seal. Compatible with any 8mm OD pipe (4mm or 6mm inner pipe). No clamps. No struggling to get the barb fitting required. It is compatible with MFL disconnects.


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It is compatible with almost any MFL Thread fitting. Please ensure that you make a clean straight cut on the pipe-tube to create a snuggle tight fit. It can be used for both beer/liquid and gas lines. However, do note that it is pressure rated for 100psi only (that is 3.3X your car tire pressure).

It is ideal for microbrewery, beer keezer, and kombucha setups.

Here are duotight Female Flare Fittings instructions on making the right connection and testing for leakage.

It is made from high-quality EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) which has excellent chemical resistance including being compatible with ozone, oils, a wide variety of alkaline and acid compounds, water, alcohol, ketone, and beverages. However, don’t use it with bleaches or undiluted chemical acids of 1pH or stronger. EPDM is BPA free. Unlike rubber and other PVC water purifier fittings, this is resistant to aging, weather and does not perish easily. Hence it is a nice attach and forget like of fitting.

Duotight - The Easiest Way to Make Leak-proof Seals in Tubing

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  1. Krish Appat (verified owner)

    Duotight, makes a lot of sense. I’m waiting for connects for the gas line, regulator to the shank

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      Thanks Alok

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      thanks Isaac

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      Thank you Isaac

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