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Beer Bazooka: Wort Mashing
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Beer Bazooka: Wort Mashing



Want you upgrade your BIAB system with Lautering mesh for DIY Mashtun. Long stainless steel sieve allows efficient filtering without risk of clogging. 1/2 in NPT fitting, 1″ wide and 12″ long.

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Beer Bazooka is ideal for beer making, as it allows us to separate beer wort from grains after mashing. This Filter mesh is stainless steel ss304 food-grade, rustproof, and crack proof. It is 9 inches long and fits into most DIY brew kettles and lauter-tuns.
This versatile mesh can be screwed to your spigots, siphons, pipe/siphon inlets. The mesh will ensure that sediments, grains, hops, and particles don’t choke your pipe or pumping system. A Food and beverage chef’s worst nightmare is a choked pumping system whose cleaning might lead to unnecessary oxidation, delays, or worse. Use it along with a 1/2 inch SS ball valve for a tighter fit.

How to make a Beer Mashtun Lautertun for Home Brew

10 reviews for Beer Bazooka: Wort Mashing

Based on 10 reviews
  1. Works perfectly.

    • Thanks Krish

  2. Good product

    • Thank you

  3. Handy in filtering out while siphoning

  4. wow amazing quality.

    • thank you sir

  5. Very good built. ideal for low cost mashtuns

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