Ball lock Corny kegs

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Kegs are used for fermentation, dispensing, storing of home brew beer. It is an essential part of Keezer and pico-brewery

It comes in two variants:

  1. 5 Gallons (25-inch height, 8.5inch inner diameter)
  2. 2.5 Gallons (14.25-inch height, 8.5-inch inner diameter)
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Premium new kegs rated to 100-130psi working pressure (tested for 195psi pressure) and are made using a robotic orbital welding machine and super smooth welding marks making them easier to clean.
These kegs are also passivated and pickled giving them a matte finish, to ensure superior rust protection (SS304 steel used). Far superior than any second hand or economy kegs on the market.
Black rubber handles and base allows easier transportation and fewer scuffs on the floor.


  1. Gas and liquid ball lock posts for easy attachment to your kegerators/Keezer.
  2. PRV (pressure release valve) Lid for easy cleaning. It is wide enough that you can manually open and clean the base of the keg.
  3. Separate gas and liquid dip tubes. (unlike growlers and A-type commercial kegs) separate tubes make it easy to attach and maintain.
  4. Dual rubber handles make them stackable and easy storage.
  5. Being thin and long, it is easier to do temperature control and make lagers or low-temperature brews.

One keg multiple avatars:

  1. For fermentation, you can attach an airlock/blow-off tube to the gas outlet.
  2. To make lagers: you can place them in a chest freezer, wine cooler or refrigerator and attach a temperature controller.
  3. for carbonation (beer or sparkling cider/wine): you can attach carbonation stones to PRV.
  4. One 5 gallon keg = 60-pint glass bottles. Saves you the hassle of cleaning, filling and capping.
  5. for dispensing: you can attach it to your party tap, jockey box or Keezer.

Please note there are 4 different types of kegs:

  1. Commercial brewery kegs short fat kegs with A-type attachments
  2. Growler that are relatively difficult to clean
  3. Pin lock kegs
  4. Ball-lock kegs with 4 openings (gas, liquid, PRV Valve, PRV lid for filling/cleaning)

Please buy compatible attachments and fittings for your system. We also stock ball lock posts for those trying to migrate from pin-lock to ball lock mechanisms.

Please don’t use strong acids and chlorine bleach to clean the kegs.

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  1. Kusum Agarwal

    Brand new kegs at throwaway prices. wow this is a steal

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