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It comes with spring to start siphon without the need to suck the siphon and introduce contamination. It is suitable for Advanced and Professional users. The amateur brewers might find it difficult to use.

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Plastic Jiggle Auto Siphon Racking Cane with Vinyl Tube for siphoning out of a carboy, demijohn, bucket, Bisleri water can or other fermenters.  This siphon includes the 140cm x 10mm ID x 14mm OD Vinyl Tube.
Compatible with bottling wands to make bottling from a siphon a lot easier.


  1. Racking Siphon is an easy setup which is easy to clean & maintain
  2. Siphon prevents oxidation of your home brew that happens when you simply pour the liquid using a jug and funnel
  3. Unlike a simple pipe sucking mechanism, the auto-siphon does not introduce spit and contamination in your home brew.
  4. The miniaturized spring and valve inside the blue attachment of the jiggle creates a linear flow. This prevents agitation of your home brew that might happen if you use a bulb type pump to start your home brew.

Instructions for Racking/Siphoning

  1. Sanitize and rinse your siphon (all equipment needs to be cleaned before and after every use).
  2. Racking uses gravity. Make sure you have the full vessel significantly above the empty vessel you are filling.  That means the beverage will flow from a higher water level to a lower water level.
  3. Attach the curved tube/ hose to your plastic rod
  4. Submerge the end of the siphon into your full container.
  5. With long swift strokes shake the siphon tube up and down to start the siphon action
  6. Please note the right configuration is: Blue end cap -> ball -> Conical Spring (small diameter towards the ball) -> hard plastic tube -> flexible plastic tube.
  7. For successful racking, you don’t need a filter (in fact, filter tends to get choked/blocked leading to disruption). All you need to  make sure is the suction blue part is the clear portion of the liquid (below the floating grape pulp and above the dead yeast sediment)
  8. If you want to connect the bottling wand, then dip the end of the transparent tube in slightly hot water to soften it a bit. This will lubricate the tube and make insertions easy.

A siphon fills the bottle or secondary fermenter from the base without disturbing the natural CO2 blanket that exists for a home brew. This is why it prevents oxidation.

Siphon Racking Cane for Beer Wine Home Brewing Bottling

For mode details on this product refer to the Australian website of the Manufacturer.

45 reviews for Auto Siphon Racking Cane

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Image #1 from Suresh
Image #2 from Vijay Sarup
Image #1 from Suresh


This type of Auto Siphon as attached, just one pull the pumping can do.

Image #2 from Vijay Sarup

Vijay Sarup

I am following the sequence as per your please see attachment

Image #1 from Suresh
Image #2 from Vijay Sarup
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  1. It was gr8 experience i i find this is beyond my imagination that o could do all for brewing beer thks once again

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  3. happy with the purchase

  4. Good useful

  5. Thank you Ankur. I will try your suggestion ASAP. Thanks.

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