alpha amylase for BRUT IPA and fruit winesalpha amylase for BRUT IPA and fruit wines
Alpha Amylase: Brut IPA Mashing Enzyme
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Alpha Amylase: Brut IPA Mashing Enzyme



Welcome to the world of enzyme-based IPA, hoppy crispy craft beer.

Enzyme mashing is useful for:

  1. Lagers and thin crystal clear hoppy beers without any malty flavors.
  2. Improve wort extraction efficiency esp for high gravity beers (high alcohol)
  3. Improve attenuation (leading to more alcohol per unit grains)
  4. Reducing dextrins and sweetness in beer due to unfermentable sugars
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Alpha Amylase has FOUR primary purposes:

  1. This is suitable for enzyme-based mashing of craft brew a.k.a Brut IPA. They make thin watery IPA ales that do not have any residual unfermented sugars making them heavy hoppy without excessive hops
  2. We can also use it for recipe research for beer styles using unmalted grains like corn, rice, sorghum. Furthermore, people suffering from celiac as gluten rich barley/wheat can be avoided in mashing to get the required enzyme mix.
  3. It is also used in fruit wines to remove starch haze especially banana wine and other starch-rich non-grape wines/ fruit ciders.
  4. It is a brewer’s rescue pack as well. Helps rectify the low mashing efficiency, stuck ferments and other wort making issues.

Directions to use:

Optimal pH: 5.0 to 6.0
Optimal Mashing temperature 50 degrees Celsius to produce maltodextrin.
Dosage 1gm per kg of grain or starch-rich fruits like banana.
Time to mash 30-90 minutes depending on the fruit/grain.

Please follow your recipe or expert if you are new to enzyme-based mashing. Right pH, temperature, and quantity is ideal to get the best results.

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  1. Avishek Nath (verified owner)

    I found the enzyme is very active. Very good product

  2. Krishan (verified owner)

    Ordered by mistake but may use if I get an IPA

    • Ankur (store manager)

      It is also used to make banana wine and wine from starchy fruitys

  3. Goldy Grewal (verified owner)

    I have a question.. this package claim to add amylase at 50℃. But all recipes call for adding alpha amylase at 68.3℃ (155°F) I added it at 68℃ and waited for 90mins but fails to convert all sugars again i add some more at 55℃ and waited for 90 more mins. But Iodophor test still shows some starch in it.. am i doing it wrong

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    • Ankur (store manager)

      Thank you sir

  5. J B. (verified owner)

    Works and OK

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