Conical Fermenter: 55L Beer Wine Kombucha

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Entry Level Conical fermenter Uni-Tank. It can be used as a Beer Brite Tank or as a Bio-Reactor. It is designed to operate under pressure. Hence, ideal for the winery, pilot batches, and those intending to do yeast collection, harvesting and washing.

It is designed especially for the recipe research, development and pharmaceutical industry. Must have if you are trying to experiment and isolate the various fermentation properties of different strains of micro-organisms. Various probes and attachments allow to adjust the pressure, availability of organisms, nutrient level, and dozing for research and recipe finalization purposes. Its low cost and transparent design allows the labs, microbrewery, and winery to conduct several experiments in parallel to save R&D development time and cost.

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These Conical Fermenters come with a whopping 55L tank. Hence, they are ideal for:

  1. Using as a Uni-Tank
    1. Ferment
    2. Remove yeast/sediment
    3. Aging, conditioning, flavor infusion
    4. Carbonation/pressurization
    5. Chilling and serving/bottling/kegging/canning
  2. They can be used as small scale Brite tanks for  microbrewery pilot batches.
  3. For liquid yeast harvesting, collection, and washing. Ideal for those professionals who want to isolate and develop their own unique strain
  4. For Bio-Science Education, Research Institutes, Pharmaceuticals and beverage industry recipe development. It is a cost-effective conical fermenter with a clear body. Therefore, it easier to do observations and scientific experiments. (Please keep it away from UV light if your reaction is photosensitive.)
  5. Kombucha & probiotics to keep the main mother SCOBY. Conical fermenters allow one to remove the sediment and introducing fresh starter tea without disturbing/stressing the Kombucha SCOBY mother. This makes the beverage ferment faster and more flavorful.

You have the many of the benefits of a much more expensive stainless conical fermenter but with the additional benefit of being able to see the fermentation process in action and also ferment at pressures up to 2.4bar.

It is also used as a continuous brew system by many probiotics fermentery that are doing non-alcoholic beverages.

New and Improved:
1. Larger Dump Valve
2. Larger opening
3. Pressure rating 2.4bar (35psi)

Check the FermZilla Instructions for 27L and 55Lv2 and FermZilla dimension 55L Conical Unitank before purchasing. Also please be compliant with the local laws on fermentation and alcohol production/pilot batches and testing.

This economical fermenter is ideal for bio-research and recipe development for various fermentation uses. Multiple probe ports allow to strictly regulate the O2, N2, CO2, and air concentrations for rapid prototyping research for properties for genetic research, vaccine and pharmaceutical applications. Being transparent and made from unbreakable plastic (unlike glass) it is ideal for educational purposes for microbiology colleges and research-cum-teaching institutes.

If you are ordering more than 10 units for your research lab, please drop an email for a 10% discount. Our Prices include GST, Taxes and Shipping Charges.

Please note:

When using this conical fermenter vessel under pressure: You must perform a water pressure check to ensure your connections are leak proof. To do this, fill your FermZilla up with water, then apply a minimum of 15psi pressure to the vessel. Check for leaks around all Cap / Threads.

Occasionally these units may come with some small indentations/dimples/dents from shipping, this is just a reality of shipping large blow-molded thin-walled vessels. But don’t panic, these fermenters are designed to endure minor deformations such as this. This was a necessary implementation into the design so that they can withstand some accidental suction from cold crashing and rough handling in transit without compromising their integrity and ability to endure high pressures. All small dents will push out and settle with use and positive pressure and are only an issue and warrant replacement in the rare event when they start to show white stress patterns or have damaged the plastic.

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  1. Kusum Agarwal

    that is one large tank. I am sure it is for winery. When are you bringing homebrewing equipment

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