304 Stainless Steel Brew Bucket- 26.5L

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Stainless Steel SS304 conical fermenter for easy cleaning, long life and perfect home brews.

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Home brew fermenter is made from 304-grade stainless steel.  The welding is smooth and the outer body is passivated to provide that matte stainless look. Ideal for beer. The wide lid allows it to be used as the primary vessel for winemaking as well. The conical bottom makes it perfect for kombucha brewing.

The base inside this unit is a domed / cone shape so it’s really easy to clean while the rotating rack arm enables you to drain out every last drop.

This unit also includes a thermowell on the front.  This unit comes with a digital thermometer (batteries not included) as shown in photos however the thermowell will also take various other thermometers such as the probe.

Please note: This unit cannot be used under pressure. If you decide to go against the manufacturing guidelines you will void the warranty.

Capacity: 26.5L to the brim
304 Stainless Steel Construction

1 x Rotating Rack Arm ball valve. (13mm OD, suitable for Heavy Duty Silicone Hose)
1 x 3 Piece Airlock
1 x 3/4″ Thermowell to suit 4mm ID probes
1 x LED Thermowell (batteries not included) [suitable batteries are 2 x AG13)
1 x Stainless Steel Lid with Seal (18mm Hole)
1 x 18mm to 22mm Coned Bung (Bored)
4 x Rubber Non-Slip Feet inserts

Cleaning Instructions before first use:
Step 1
Rinse the unit out with potable water, in case there are any dust particulates, metal shavings, etc. in the fermenter.

Step 2
Using a diluted mixture of warm to hot water and rinse-free sanitizer. Fill to 12L and half a scoop and with a soft microfibre towel or sponge wash and wipe the inside of the fermenter and lid. Drain out of the liquid through the ball valve to ensure all areas have had contact.

Step 3
Rinse with the same amount of warm to hot water. And store until you are ready to fill with wort (unfermented beer)

Step 4
Fill to 3L of potable water and add 4.5mL of starsan. If you’re able to shake the unit or rock the unit so that all areas come into contact with the diluted StellarSan mix for at least 2 to 5 minutes, then you can fill it up with wort and pitch as you would normally.
Do not fear the foam! If the starsan is diluted correctly it will have no flavor impact and act as a yeast nutrient.

It is important to note that the weld marks lines are not machine-polished back on this model to keep to it’s passivated matte look. It has been electro-welded which is a different process.
Some minor manufacturing scratches may be present but will not affect performance whatsoever.

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  1. Sonam Agarwal

    amazing device. I didn’t knew they were so affordable as well. Thanks for selling this in India

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