2 Micron Oxygenation/Aeration wand kit

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Boiling removes dissolved oxygen. oxygenator replenishes it to create a healthy brewer’s yeast colony.

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This wand kits are an easy way to use the stone (a porous stainless steel outlet for microbubbles of oxygen to be infused in your wort). The wand kit includes the 60cm stainless steel 8mm OD wand and the aeration stone screws into the end using an MFL thread so it can easily be removed for autoclave or dip in acid solution. The kit also includes a stainless clamp and 2 meters of vinyl tubing.

-650mm total wand length

Attach it to an aquarium pump for the best results. You can also attach a Hepa filter to prevent contamination and choking. Professional brewery connects the wand to medical-grade oxygen tanks to achieve 7-10ppm of dissolved oxygen.

Lager yeast (unlike the typical brewer’s yeast) is bottom-fermenting. So lower is the dissolved oxygen level, the less healthy will be the yeast colony and chances of a stuck fermentation.

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  1. Kusum Agarwal

    really useful for making lagers.

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