Oxygenating wort at the beginning of fermentation is quintessential. Oxygen level has to be at least 8ppm to create an ideal environment for the yeast to ferment in a healthy way. However, oxygenating by shaking or stirring the wort will only give you 4ppm of dissolved oxygen no matter how long you do it. This means you'll always be short of achieving the actual potential of your beer. Wort Oxygenator with HEPA filter makes it easy for you. All you need to do is dip it into your wort and switch it on. It takes only 15-20 minutes for the wort to reach 8ppm of oxygen and ideal to pitch yeasts.


- Powerful motor-pump to handle batches of upto 40 liters in size.

- In built HEPA filter also makes sure of removing all the airborn bacteria and fungal spores along with pollution, dust, SPM and other impurities from air to make sure your wort remains fresh and sanitised, unlike shaking or stirring.

- Also comes attached are a two-way bung to cling it to your fermenter, bubble regulator and an anti-backflow check valve.

Wort Oxygenator

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