Turbo yeast is a active dry yeast renowned for its high alcohol and temperature tolerant dual function yeast complete with needed Nutrients. 10gm yields 23 liters in 4 days. Produces 14-17% percent alcohol in 48 hours and is ideal with sugarwash and dry fruit wines brewed at high temperatures (25-35 degree Celsius) without generating easters. (the rotten smell, banana notes that comes with traditional bakers yeast

Pinching temperature: Room temperature.
Add 1/2 a gm of yeast nutrient and 2 teaspoon of priming sugar for best result during pinching.

This yeast flocculates automatically after it is done without giving any yeasty flavors or yeast haze. However a bit of pectinase and bentonite slurry during the start of fermentation will accelerate the process really well.

Turbo Yeast

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