Weight: 115ml
Concentration: 1.6%
Type: Surfactant
Shelf Life: 6 years(undialuted)

Iodophor is the most commonly used sanitizer in food business. It's major advantage over other sanitizers is that its less expensive and its a "no rinse sanitiser". That means, no need to rinse your equipment after sanitizing, just drain the excess sanitizer. This is important, since using regular water to rinse off the solution, can again contaminate the equipment. It is also necessory for testing sacrification of malts in beer brewing.(See our facebook page for the how to guide)

Directions for use:
1. Add 1 ml of Iodophor per litter of cold water and mix.**
2. Add 2 ml of distilled/white vinegar to per liter of water.***
3. Apply to any surface by rinsing it with the solution, using a spray or by wipoing with a synthetic cloth. In less than 2 minutes, the surface will be sanitized and ready for further use.
**Use an accurate thief for messurement(or buy it from our shop)
***Adding vinegar brings down PH of the solution, which helps in making it highly effective and also helps in releasing Iodine quickly.Non toxic fumes to humans and the iodine from equipment surfaces dissipates into air in minutes. Iodine is also used for mouth ulcers and in sutures. Do drop us a note if your last batch had an infection and we will be glad to help you with tips on removal of acetobacter aceti and mold residue from your equipment. They love to hide in difficult to clean areas and tight corners.***Next day shipping from our warehouse in Ahmedabad.***Not available for store pick up.

Brewing Sanitizer: Iodophor