Ideal for brewing Kombucha, Vinegar, Beer, Wine, Kefir. Also perfect for fermenting Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Miso etc.


Dimensions(Without Airlock):

20L: 381mm x 330mm x  266mm

10L: 280mm  x 280mm x 231mm


We suggest using separate fermenters for both primary and secondary fermentation. The primary fermenters can be kept open. The usage mechanism is explained bellow.


Bucket Usage Guide:

Be mindful that, the fermenter once shut permanently, will not open, except without making a cut on one side of the edge and using a bucket opener to open the lid - though not recommended. A permenant seal is desirable in a home brewing set up since pulling out and closing plastic lids frequently results in a quick decay of air-sealing mechanism. Keeping that in mind, here is the "how to" for using and cleaning these fermenters.


- Primary Fermenter: It can be kept open. No use of hammer. To get the air seal you can place the fermenter lid on the fermenter and put 3-4 kg of weight on both side of the airlock. Usually a few 1kg salt bags work like a chram.

- Secondary Fermenter: To close the bucket permanently: Strike the lid firmly with a hammer on the edges to (cover with a cloth to ensure the hammer doesn't stain plastic). This Bucket is kept closed for eternity. Using the bucket's mouth to siphone out/in liquids when required.


Cleaning: Rinse the bucket with water first. Add 3-4 liters of boiling water to the bucket using a funnel(using a siphon can seriously burn you). Add 2tb spoon(or more if too dirty) of baking soda to it and rinse. Tie a bottle brush at the end of a stick and rub off any stuck particles. Leave it to cool. Then rinse again with plain water and dry.


Item Description:

The fermentation bucket comes paired with a bung and an Airlock. Made from premium food grade BPA free polymers, it will not leach toxins and odours or degrade unlike; PET, Bisleri water jugs, PVC and the rest of plastics. The plastic is heat ressistant upto 122°C. Also unlike glass Carboys and Demijohns, buckets are nearly unbreakable, light weight and easy to handle. Triple locking mechanism (the lid fits into the base from three different contact points) makes it ideal for use as both primary or secondary fermenter.


Next day shipping from our warehouse in Ahmedabad. 

- Food safe, BPA free, premium ACS grade plastic
- Heat Resistant upto 122°C. So you can pour boiling water into it to clean.
- Comes with customizable large extra mouth in the lid for an effortless washing, siphoning, and cleaning
- Modifications available as per customer requirement(Spigot, extra hole for wort oxigenator, extra bung etc.)

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Fermenter with Airlock