Want to make your first craft beer or wine but don't know how to start? Well our master brewers offer three options to help you build your craft and enable you with enough practical knowledge to experiment with different styles yourself:


1. You could request for a "Personalized Complete Brewing Course(live video) " which will be conducted on three days over 1 month:

Details of the Course:

a) Day 1: Brew day: Tutorials on the significance of the various apparatus and advanced preparations. How you can tweak various ingredients, temperatures and time durations to make your signature brew.

b) Day 4/10: Secondary Transfer operations and infusing additional aromas/herbs (depending on style)

c) Day 14 or Day 28 (depending on style) Bottling and introducing fizz.


2. You could visit our Bangalore Store for a 3 hour workshop (every first Saturday of the month  11am to 2pm at "Arishtam supply store" (It is recommended that you confirm in advance so that your brewing style is included as part of the agenda.)


3. Personalized Complete Brewing Course(visit): You could request for a private visit and practical brewing lessons. Making you physically familiar with the equipment operations and ingredients. These course is avaialble for 5 or more participants in Mumbai and Bangalore; and 10 or more participants in other major cities(travel and accomodation additional).


- During our Video Course, our instructor can make a micro batch at his residence on request for a better understanding. You can choose to make any size of batch personally and instructions will be provided.

- In workshop at our store you will be provided all the equipment and ingredients needed to make your first 3 liter batch.


Beverages are flat if they are not shared. Requesting you to bring your partner along to enjoy your special culinary journey at 60% off.


If you are a commercial F&B enterprise owner, then we have individual customized product & process consultation that will be governed under an NDA to safeguard your trade secrets. It is charged at:

1. INR 5,000/- per hour for in person/video consultation

2. INR 20,000/- per day Plus travel-lodging for consultation at your production facility.

3. $1,500/- per week for consultation abroad.

Brewing Course / Private Lessons / Workshop

Brewing style