Our one stop, no-brainer brewing kits are here. After the overwhelming demand for it, we have decided to bow down. They include all the equipment you require to make your brewing hobby a breeze and fun. Also to enable you to brew anything you want to brew. Each item is carefully chosen for your needs to make your spending sensible too. Moreover if you like, you can add advanced items such as Refractometer and Kegs seperately.

Available in 10L(Starter Kit) and 20L(Premium Kit) sizes.


Enjoy the discount!

- We have added 10% discount on the combined actual price.

- Total price for the separate items+shipping is over Rs. 13,000 for Starter Kit and Rs. 18,000 for the Premium Kit.


** Swing top bottles have become the latest trend in homebrewing and you can buy them for a reasonable price from any local market these days for a hassle free bottling. This also prevents the chance of bottle bombs. Hence, we have chucked the bottle capper and bottle crowns to make our kits sensible and budget friendly.


Brewing Starter Kit:

2X 10L Fermenter + Airlock

1X Mash Tun(19L)

1X Wort Chiller(25 feet)

1X Hydrometer

1X Kettle Thermometer

1X Siphon Pump

1X Brewbag

1X Grain Mill

1X Wort Oxygenator

1X Yeast Starter Vial

1x Brewery Soap 250ml

1x Iodophor 100ml

1X Spongehead Bottle Cleaner

1x 3ml Thief

1x Arishtam's Homebrewing Guide Book


Premium Brewing Kit:

2x 20L Fermenter + Airlock

2x Fermenter Thermometer strip

1x Mash tun(50L)

1x Twin Coil Wort Chiller(50 Feet)

1x Grain Mill

1x Hydromter

1x Tall Glass For Hydrometer

1x Automated Siphon

1x Kettle Thermometer

1x wort oxygenator

1x Brew bag

1x Iodophor 100ml

1x Brewery soap 250ml

1x 3ml Thief1x Spongehead Bottle Cleaner

1x Arishtam's Homebrewing Guide Book

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