Myth #1: Dark beers are strong beers.

Fact: It has nothing to do with alcohol and calories. It’s just that grains are roasted for a longer time which makes it dark.

Myth #2: It should be served ice cold

Fact: It’s the other way round. You can’t taste beer if it’s cold. Beer is best consumed between 46 and 50°F. That is the reason light bodied lagers are served chilled but ales are served at room temperature. In earlier time they even used to heat ales.

Myth #3: Beer gives beer belly.

Fact: Unlike Cold drinks, beer has no added sugar. Fermentation digests the grains and converts it into alcohol, hence reducing the calories. Excess calories from beer are no more likely to contribute to weight gain than excess calories from anything else. Low to Moderate beer consumption poses no serious threat to your belly. But definitely when you binge drink and intake a hell lot of calories it definitely will leave you with a beer belly. The beer calories often comes from the oily, salty food that you gobble along with the beer.

Myth #4: Bottled beer is better than canned beer.

Fact: Nothing maintains freshness as well as a can.

Myth #5: Aging craft beer.

Fact: Aging some high alcohol beer can help them but aging hoppy beers is a big No-No. It should be consumed as fresh as possible.

Myth #6: All beer is basically the same.

Fact: Flavor diversity in beer ranges from bitter to sweet to sour, and beer can have almost no alcohol or be stronger than wine.

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