menenge a trois is a house of three. Most wine experts will talk about the spider chart/wheel where the brewmaster talks about balancing the over dozen sensations. However in my experience a great recipe with a balance of:

  1. Alcohol content
  2. Mouthfeel/residual gravity
  3. pH

Does 80% of the job. That why for amateur brewers and winemakers we stock the equipment and ingredients to tweak them.

 How to do:

  1. Use your hydrometer to calculate the alcohol content. Use Wine stabilizer (sorbate or Campden) to prevent it from going too high.
  2. Back-sweeten wines. In beer we use unfermentable sugars (lactose, crystal etc.) to get the right mouth feel.
  3. Use pH meter to measure. Calcium carbonate to increase pH and acid blend to reduce.

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