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Mango Ale Beer: Fresh Indian Tropical Gruit

Gruit is a style of beer that does not contain hops. Fruit beers are popular in India because of our sweet palate and lo… Mango beer is sweet-sour malty ale beer with high on fruity notes. It requires 4-5 days of brewing making it a great option for a weekend with friends.

hop free mango beer

Mango Beer

A refreshing summer drink made without hops from simple kitchen ingredients
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Prep Time 50 mins
Cook Time 2 hrs
fermentation 9 d
Total Time 9 d 2 hrs 50 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine beer, indian pale ale beer
Servings 20 pints
Calories 36 kcal


  • Fermenter bucket or vessel
  • Siphon
  • Airlock
  • Hydrometer
  • Bottling Setup (glass bottles, crown caps, capper and bottle filler wand)


  • 1 kg Fresh mango pulp
  • 1.5 kg Dry Malt Extract
  • 10 gm Fruit Ale yeast 2 packets X 5gm
  • 2 gm Pectinase enzyme 2gm
  • 1 gm Campden potassium Bi Meta Sulphite
  • Iodophor
  • Ginger powder
  • 25 gm Priming Sugar
  • 1 tablespoon Gelatin
  • 3 gm Bentonite



  • Take about 2kg of overripe mangoes (yields 1kg pulp), wash them thoroughly to remove all traces of pesticide and carbide.
  • Squish them to remove the stone from the skin and release the pulp
  • After you have removed all pulp by hand, use a spoon to scrape the insides of the skin and the fibers stuck on the stone.
  • Add some campden (0.5gm) pre-dissolved into a solution to stabilize and kill all wild mold, acetobactor and other micro-organisms. and hold it for 24 hours in an airtight jar.
  • Add 2gm of pectinase powder to break down cell walls and attain better clarity
  • Wash the skin & stones in a separate 5 liter water and save that water for wort preparation

Wort Preparation

  • Heat the water from the mango washing.
  • Add DME continuously stirring it to prevent lumps, scorching or boiling over
  • Once the wort is fully mixed, add Ginger and other herbs that you want to introduce and turn off the flame
  • Add sterilized mango pulp & top it up with boiled water ice to make 10 liters.

Starting Fermentation

  • Sanitize all equipment with iodophor (1ml per liter of water)
  • Pinch the yeast and wait till you see activity (else reach out for your backup yeast pack)
  • Mix the wort & yeast in the fermenter and wait for the magic to happen.
  • Add 6% bentonite solution to get better clarity.

After 4 days

  • Bubbling should have stopped, else wait for another day.
  • Taste the beer and make adjustments to sweetness, PH balance etc. to get the perfect taste.
  • Add Gelatin & cold crash for a day to improve the clarity.


  • Proceed to bottling only after you are satisfied with taste & clarity.
  • Take the second packet of yeast and mix it with priming sugar (don’t add water yet)
  • Use the beer bottle filler to fill your 30 pints of beer and add 1/2 a teaspoon of the yeast + priming sugar mixture for the fizz/head.
  • Keep it in a cool place for 3 days and invite your friends over for a party.


You can make a similar ale from a variety of fruits and ingredients. Pineapple and strawberries make wonderful ales as well.

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