कारज धीरे होत है, काहे होत अधीर।
समय पाय तरुवर फरै, केतिक सींचो नीर।।
(Do not get impatient, all good work take time. Irrespective of how much you irrigate, fruits ripen only when the time is right).

A  checklist and a logbook is a handy tool for all home brewers to record their observation, refer back to notes and even pass on/ exchange their recipe with others.
Log book helps in debugging faults, improving and learning from one’s mistakes. Please note, fermentation is slow food and it is better to write things down rather than taxing ones memory and be unsure of things.

Initially, start with measuring weights, dates and ingredients. As the art refines, introduce/ play with more parameters and try to tweak them as well. A lot of brewing systems have data loggers which records a lot of parameters. However, I still prefer the age old method of using a manual diary to record my observations. Don’t forget to put date and batch reference number stickers on the fermentation vessels and on the bottles in the cellars. 

 I wish you Good Luck with your Brewing Adventure.

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21 years of experience in Home Brewing and author of Arishtam (India's first homebrew Guide Book).

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